About Electric Audio Virginia Beach

and owner Dave Behar
Dave of Electric Audio Virginia Beach

Dave of Electric Audio Virginia Beach

Hi!  My name is Dave Behar, owner of Electric Audio Virginia Beach! My passion for music was ignited back in 1978 at the young age of 4 when my parents bought me my first KISS record. In the years that followed, I experienced and explored the many genres and styles of music as they evolved. The format I used to listen to slowly changed and I swapped out my record player for a walkman, then a discman, and eventually an MP3 player. But as music became digitized, it became colder and somehow less personal. I truly began to miss the emotional connection that occurred when I heard all of the highs and lows of analog that gets cut out when you convert to digital.

I created Electric Audio Virginia Beach as a labor of love. I truly believe that there is nothing better than listening to music with a beautiful, warm analog sound. It is my goal to educate, inspire, and provide the best equipment that creates the sounds that were heard in the Golden Age of Audio, so you can not only hear the music, you can feel it. I strive to provide components for every budget, from starter systems to something for serious audiophiles. Each piece is meticulously serviced by us and guaranteed to perform. Not only do we provide quality vintage home audio, we also carry vinyl records of all sorts. We have just made some new vinyl connections and we are doing an overhaul on our entire inventory. Be on the lookout for some awesome, obscure records coming in weekly.

We are taking Electric Audio to the next level so keep a lookout for some high end tube and solid state components such as Mcintosh, Dynaco, Marantz and more.  

Are you tired of listening to music in a cold digital format? Sick of overpaying for records? If you truly desire to hear music the way it was intended to be heard by the recording artists, then come feel the difference at Electric Audio- Tidewater’s one stop shop for quality vintage audio and affordable vinyl records. Located inside the Antique Mall at 3900 Bonney Rd. Virginia Beach, VA.

Call anytime! (757) 376-7155